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How it works

Project Unearth brings to life any standard childcare sandpit with our custom built Unearth Augmented Reality kit.


Our proprietary software is constantly updated with new and engaging content, always exploring innovative ways to enlighten children to construct and visualise in a scale never before possible.


The projector casts the simulated world directly onto the sand in real time, giving the sense of reality of scaled down terrain that changes according to the shape and depth of each mound and dip.


Sensors detect tiny changes in height on the surface of the sand, and turns the calculation into a fully rendered topographical simulation, complete with weather and water physics.


STEM for Kids

Construction Set

Learning through play

Electronics Kit

Introduces the child to wires

3D Printing

Turn the think into reality


Augmented Reality


Virtual Reality

And more...

An experience like no other

Project Unearth

A sandpit incursion to the world around us

  • Unearth the Past

    Trigger children’s curiosity by excavating artifacts in a simulated environment. Let children dig into the past, dig into the ground full of treasure, and dip into the water and reveal the beauty underneath.

  • Unearth Identities

    Through role-play and task completion, children build a deeper understanding about people in the community. Let children be a pirate, archaeologist, diver and civil engineer and discover their potential. With what Unearth can do, whether to become a Te Ka or a Te Fiti, that’s up to children.

  • Unearth The Present

    Children are immersed in technology from birth. Technology is as common as an apple (or Apple), why can’t we teach them technology terms as part of their cognitive and language development? Technology is the new formula.

  • Unearth the Future

    What’s the future going to be like? That depends on what your child is going to make in a decade or two. Artificial Intelligent and robotics are just some of the tools they will be using to create a different and better world.

  • Let's
    dig and


Meet our team from across Australia

Peter Y.  Li

Early Childhood Teacher

Juexiao Mo


En Bo

Software Developer

We are expanding our reach across australia, and are actively looking for more VR enthusiasts to join our team.

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